Pascale Bussières


Pascale Bussières first attracted attention at the age of 13 in Micheline Lanctôt’s Sonatine, winner in Venice. A filmmaker she will find in two other films, Deux actrices and Suzie. In 1993, she held the title role in the mini-series Blanche, garnering several awards . This success was followed by leading roles for many renowned directors in Quebec and English Canada such as Charles Binamé (Eldorado, La beauté de Pandore), Patricia Rozema (When Night is Falling), Denis Villeneuve (Un 32 août sur terre), Léa Pool (Emporte-moi, Le papillon bleu), Guy Édoin (Marécages, Ville-Marie), Manon Briand (La turbulence des fluides), Carole Laure (La capture, Love Project) and Philippe Lesage (Les démons). On the International scene, she appeared in Anne-Sophie Birot's Les jeunes filles ne savent pas nager, Attila Bertalan's Between the Moon and Montevideo and Catherine Corsini's La Repétition, alongside Emmanuelle Béart and Daniel Auteuil. In 2005, Pascale was honored with the Prix Jutra (Best Actress) and Genie Award (Best Female Performance) for her leading role in Denise Filiiatrault's Ma vie en cinémascope.

Her most recent films include Nous sommes les autres by Jean-François Asselin, Innocent by Marc-André Lavoie and Justice Dot Net by Pol Cruchten or Impetus by Jennifer Alleyn. On stage, Pascale played in Huis Clos (Jean-Paul Sartre) and Icare (Michel Lemieux) presented at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM). This fall, she is back on stage with the play L'Assemblée (Alex Ivanovici, Annabel Soutar, Brett Watson) at Espace GO.

I came here to check... if I could live again.
— Pascale