Emmanuel Schwartz


Intense and versatile artist, Emmanuel Schwartz goes from the big screen to the stage boards with ease. He played from Tartuffe to Alexandre, to Caligula and even Achille in l’Illiade, and collaborated with Wajdi Mouawad and Mani Soleymanlou. Between his creations for the theatre as an author and director (Chroniques, Nathan, the Exhibition and Alfred with Alexia Bürger) he is sacred best actor, by the Festiweb from Marseilles in 2015, for his role in web-series L’Écrivain Public. In 2016, he is nominated by l’ACAD, for his interpretation of Lucky in En Attendant Godot, directed by François Girard. The year after, he wins the same prize as the one he was nominated for, for his interpretation of Tartuffe, played at the TNM. We’ve also seen Emmanuel Schwartz on the screen in many productions of either Xavier Dolan (Laurence Anyways), Denis Villeneuve (Next Floor), Simon Lavoie and Mathieu Denis (Laurentie).

In 2018, he gets to play many characters for seven feature films such as Hochelaga, Land of Souls by François Girard (for which he won best supporting actor for QC Iris), Ailleurs by Samuel Mateau and Dérive by David Uloth. He’s also been seen in Nous sommes Gold by Éric Morin, IMPETUS by Jennifer Alleyn, and The 20th Century by Matthew Rankin. Two of Emmanuel’s plays are being adapted for the cinematographic screen and multiple creations for the theatre and the big screen are on their way.

A lizard crawling may symbolize a person who is keeping a low profile. That’s me!
— Rudolf